The RoutineClock is designed to assist and encourage parents and children to follow a routine. The routine events occurring within  the hour can be placed on the clock at five minute intervals. When the first events have passed they can be removed and replaced with upcoming ones. With the convenient movable images you can follow a regular routine while maintaining some flexibility.

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The RoutineClock is designed to assist and encourage parents and children to follow a routine.


Available in 3 colours

The RoutineClock is currently available in three colors: pink, black and blue.




Images included with the RoutineClock

Every RoutineClock includes ten routine images.

Bed time

TV time

Snack time

Bath time

Story time

Play time

Time to get dressed

Meal time

Time to leave

Time to brush teeth

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Help your kids with a daily routine

Researchers suggest that, while there is a great deal of room for individual flexibility around toddler routines, children who are encouraged to follow routines and structure do best. Routines provide a sense of certainty and security for children. This is important at all ages but particularly in early childhood.

An effective way to make the routine fun

It is not a toy, but it is designed to allow toddlers to safely manipulate it and participate in the scheduling. This is an effective way to make the routine fun and allow them to feel a sense of control over their schedule.

Helps children understand and tell time

For older children, the RoutineClock can also help with learning to tell time. Gradually the parents can encourage their child to not only look at the images but also acknowledge the placement of the image in relation to the numbers on the clock.

Routine images

The images included with the RoutineClock are routine events that are almost universal, such as morning and bedtime routines. Blank images and additional common images are currently being designed and will soon be available to purchase separately.

Children, like the rest of us, handle change best if it is expected and occurs in the context of a familiar routine
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Routine ideas

For families with toddlers and preschoolers, the below sample routines may be helpful.


7:00am Play time/ TV time
7:10am Meal time
7:30am Get dressed
7:40am Brush Teeth
7:45am Time to leave


10:30am Snack time
11:00am Crafts/Learning*
11:30am Music/Dance*
12:00pm Meal time
1:00pm Nap time
2:30pm Snack time
3:00pm Outdoor play*


5:30pm Meal time
6:00pm Play time
7:00pm Bath time
7:30pm Brush Teeth
7:45pm Story time
8:00pm Bed time

* Several routine images above are not included with the RoutineClock.
These additional images will soon be available to purchase separately.

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